Collection in Hinckley

As the invasion of Ukraine reaches its third week, support for the Ukrainian people has only increased. People everywhere have proven their compassion by donating needed items.

Brook of Hope would like to specifically thank the people of Hinckley for giving so much. Their contribution is a welcome addition to the armory of relief that everyday people like you have helped put together.

In Hinckley, a team of volunteers got together to sort the incoming supplies, many proudly displaying the colors of the Ukrainian flag. The colors are yellow, for the nation’s landscape that is quilted by wheat fields and blue, for the sky above. Now, the ground in Ukraine is piled with rubble and the sky is darkened with the smoke of war.

If you have participated in this project, we would like to thank you very much. None of this would he happening without thoughtful people like you. If you want to find out how you can help, click on the donate link on the top of this page.

-Brook of Hope

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